Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Still haven't managed to get that shopping done?! Luckily, you have me!

I've done the shopping for all you have to do is swipe the card, wrap the gift, and sign your name.

For the best friends:
Scarf, $20

For Mommy:
Betsey Johnson PJs $59,

For Tech-Dad:
CaseMate iPhone4 Case $35,

For the Man (OR WOMAN! I have a pair!!!) in Your Life:
TOMS Slip-Ons $44,

Okay, so I cheated. All these ideas are from the same website. But hey, doesn't that make it easier for you?!? All of these are fail proof. I got one of my best friends a scarf, my dad got a phone case (for a Droid, not an iPhone), and my other best friend got these pair of TOMS. I went a little extreme on my boyfriend of 3 years...he got a cashmere scarf, some J. Crew boxers and t-shirt, and a crew neck sweatshirt from, along with a picture frame with a picture of the two of us in it. Feel free to steal my ideas!

* Gift Cards can be tricky territory. While its an easy fix, some people may find it a little too impersonal. Come on, how would you feel if a friend got you a well thought out gift, and you forked out a gift card?! It can be very useful at times, but show him/her how well you know him.
* Gifts don't always have to be clothing or accessories! I recently brought my parents chocolate covered strawberries as an early gift. I think they enjoyed that more than they will their actual gifts! Its also classic (and loved!) to make special treats. We made chocolate covered oreos and peanut butter crackers...sure to be a hit.
* We all have that white elephant gift that we've given or received, so don't feel too down on yourself if you don't find that perfect gift. You have all year to make up for it!

Good luck and Happy Holidays to all my wonderful followers!

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