Friday, December 24, 2010

Hello loves!

I know you all are teeming with excitement from spending time with family, eating great food, and giving/receiving gifts. It's important to remember what the holidays are about. Even if you're not religious, it's still about giving. Be gracious for this time with family! And all the desserts..especially if one of your New Year's resolutions is to shed lbs! ;)

Happy Holidays to all the wonderful followers of fashion.

PS: I just had to brag about these awesome new leg warmers I got from my dad for Christmas! I can't wait to find a million ways to wear mine!!! My favorite gift to give was the chocolate covered strawberries I gave my parents. What great gifts have you given or received this Christmas???

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Clothes Chair.

This is the chair where I deposit all my worn clothing or frequently worn accessories when I come in late at night and am simply too tired to hang it up properly. I should probably get around to cleaning it up...
grey plaid pajama pants; old
brown boots; MIA
running shoes; Mizuno
red scarf; Nordstrom
blue coat; North Face
sweater under scarf; Forever 21
jeans thrown haphazardly on top; Seven for All Mankind
striped top on right side; BDG Urban Outfitters
yellow cardigan way up top; BDG Urban Outfitters
grey coat under blue coat; Nordstrom
white bra (oops); Izod
green shorts top right; Nike
red shoes barely visible top left; TOMS

I think I got it all. I think half of my closet is on that chair.

Hey people!

So last night I made All That Glitters a account. This website is sooo awesome. It lets you pick your favorite designers, colors, types of clothes, etc. Its really a virtual boutique...full of clothes picked especially for YOU! After it generate a list of thousands of different options, you can "Save" your favorites that will be showed on your storefront! I highly recommend checking out. You can even follow your favorite boutiques! (There are celeb boutiques too!)

Check All That Glitters boutique out here.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Current Obsession: Socks Over Boots

Okay...I know I'm totally late on this and everyone and their mother is doing it...but at first I wasn't sure about this trend. Now I'm obsessed. I love rugged boots with socks higher than the boot. This trend looks extra cozy with leggings and an oversize sweater, or dressed up with a rugged flowy dress (extra points if the dress is vintage!) and patterned tights. I can't wait to rock my knee high boots with my socks showing!

Get the Look:
Hue Herringbone Texture Knee Hi 3 for $15,

I'm also totally into the look of patterned socks:
Hue Wide Strip Sock, 3 for $15

BDG Tall Suede Pull-On Boot in Rust (more colors available), $68

Deena & Ozzy Foldover Boot, $68

Diba 'Miss You' Boot, $119.95

Have you tried out this look? What did you wear it with? Send pictures to **Please specify if you do not want you picture on my blog!**

Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Still haven't managed to get that shopping done?! Luckily, you have me!

I've done the shopping for all you have to do is swipe the card, wrap the gift, and sign your name.

For the best friends:
Scarf, $20

For Mommy:
Betsey Johnson PJs $59,

For Tech-Dad:
CaseMate iPhone4 Case $35,

For the Man (OR WOMAN! I have a pair!!!) in Your Life:
TOMS Slip-Ons $44,

Okay, so I cheated. All these ideas are from the same website. But hey, doesn't that make it easier for you?!? All of these are fail proof. I got one of my best friends a scarf, my dad got a phone case (for a Droid, not an iPhone), and my other best friend got these pair of TOMS. I went a little extreme on my boyfriend of 3 years...he got a cashmere scarf, some J. Crew boxers and t-shirt, and a crew neck sweatshirt from, along with a picture frame with a picture of the two of us in it. Feel free to steal my ideas!

* Gift Cards can be tricky territory. While its an easy fix, some people may find it a little too impersonal. Come on, how would you feel if a friend got you a well thought out gift, and you forked out a gift card?! It can be very useful at times, but show him/her how well you know him.
* Gifts don't always have to be clothing or accessories! I recently brought my parents chocolate covered strawberries as an early gift. I think they enjoyed that more than they will their actual gifts! Its also classic (and loved!) to make special treats. We made chocolate covered oreos and peanut butter crackers...sure to be a hit.
* We all have that white elephant gift that we've given or received, so don't feel too down on yourself if you don't find that perfect gift. You have all year to make up for it!

Good luck and Happy Holidays to all my wonderful followers!

What I Wore

So I've been taking pictures for like the past 3 days and I have yet to upload them...finally got around to it!

Out Shopping:
Scarf-Nordstroms, Purple Sweater-Marks&Spencer (last year), Leggings-American Eagle, Boots-Ugg (YES! It was REALLY that cold. I hate Uggs...but I had to break them out for the freezing weather.) Watch-Michael Kors, Bracelets-Nordstrom

To the Doctor :(
Scarf-Nordstrom, Cardigan-Urban Outfitters, Jeans-Abercrombie & Fitch, Shoes-TOMS

Some other random fun pictures I took:

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ok, so for some reason some of my pictures aren't showing up and it's making me really sad.

I know its because I cheated. I copied & pasted the picture instead of saving it. But I couldn't help it! This stupid computer just decided to take the "Save picture as..." option away from me! I swear it was there last night...

Can someone help me? Why can't I save pictures? I have a Mac. (In case you need to know) And yes, I'm still using Safari...I'm so lazy and haven't gotten around to downloading Firefox yet. (Shame on me!)

Thanks tons and bunches for the help!

Today I Went Christmas Shopping.

I had to finish up some shopping for my friends and family. I'd been getting a little anxious to get it done, because I have a pretty busy week and was afraid I wouldn't be able to get everything! I still have to get the lasts of my boyfriend's gifts....AH! Anyways, after shopping for others, I did a little window shopping for myself. (You know, you gotta decide what you're going to do with your Christmas money.......) Shopping always inspires me, always takes a toll on my heart and my wallet. It inspires me because I can quickly imagine new outfits to put together. It breaks my heart when I can't AFFORD those things, but when I buy them makes my wallet sad :( Anyways, long story short, I'll share with you some of the things I fell in love with today:

Vera Wang Lavender 'Lillian' Flat, $195

It has sparkles in it...and its a shoe. The best of both worlds!

Urban Renewal Patterned Sweater Short $48,

Who says you can't wear shorts in the Winter?!

However, I did make out with a sweater of my own with some of my leftover birthday money! ;)

AHHHH I CAN"T FIND A PICTURE OF IT!!! But it's long, like mid-thigh length, thick and ivory colored. Its an open cardigan.

What do you think of all the things I was inspired by? What are you inspired by?

Building Your Wardrobe

This is something I have struggled with lately...what pieces should be in every closet? While its in no way limiting or restricting, here are some things that I believe should be your "staples" or "key pieces":

- A good pair of jeans. Of course you need hundreds of jeans, but you should definitely have at least the one, really soft, really well fitting, go-to pair. For me, it's a boot cut pair of Joe's Jeans. I had to get them tailored to fit perfectly, but it was definitely worth it!

Joe's Jeans 'Provacateur' Bootcut, $167,

-A Black Blazer. A Blazer can dress up a pair of jeans or a dress, can be fitted or loose, comes in a trillion different colors. Its so versatile, which is why its a must have. I would probably suggest a neutral color such as black or navy for starters.

Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer, $49

- Little Black Dress. I'm not so big on it, because I can never seem to find one I truly like, or actually wear it if I had it...but seriously it's pretty basic and important. So many accessories could go with it, you could probably wear it for a month straight and no one would even notice. You can dress it up or dress it down. So I guess it should be a staple.

Minkpink A little Bit Spesh Mesh Dress $86.20,

-A good pair of boots. This is especially essential if you live in a place that gets cold, like me. A good starter boot would probably be one in a neutral color like tan/beige, black or grey. Its also important to put a little money behind it so you know they will last.

Corso Como 'Randy' Boot, $198.95,

-Black or Nude Pumps. If you get a good enough pair, they could probably last you the rest of your life. They certainly will never go out of style, you can dress them up or down, and they will go with everything. In an ideal world, they'd be Louboutins...but the world isn't so ideal all the time. Fortunately, there are plenty of cheaper options out there.

Christian Louboutin Simple 100 Suede Pumps $595,

- The perfect t-shirt. I'm not talking about a Hanes t-shirt you can get at wal-mart. Those are nice, trust me I own about 20 of the white men's v-neck one's! I'm talking about a nicer, more fitted (if that's your style!) t-shirt. Once you find the perfect one, stock up! For me, its Victoria's Secret PINK V-Necks

PINK Essential V-Neck Tee, $16.50 each

-A skirt. Yea, I know you're a own like 28,634 skirts. But it's important to have one well fitting, figure flattering, black or grey skirt. Personally, I have a grey and a black that I wear the heck out of. Since I don't have a job and don't need to look professional, mine's a cotton skirt. If you're older, or have an internship, you might want to swap the cotton jersey skirt out for a nice pencil skirt.

BDG Ponte Mini Skirt, $38

-A good flat. I love flats, and even though I'm super short, I live in flats (despite what my mom tries to get me to wear!). Again, in an ideal world, I'd own every color of the rainbow...I'm on my way to that believe me! But for now, try to have at least a basic color. Grey, Black, Navy, or even Ivory works well with several things.

BDG Marled Sweater Skimmer Shoe $28,

Of course, these are just the bare basics. I could probably go on for days and days and days...But then you'd get bored and not read this blog anymore and then I'd be sad.

After you assemble what YOUR personal key pieces are, expands with bright tops, pretty shoes, scarves, jewelry. A boring outfit can be made into something amazing and unique with good accessories. I'm forever on the search for more pretty shoes and scarves! Those two things are definitely my obsessions. What are your outfit makers?

Hunter for Jimmy Choo

This was on my old blog, but for fear of people not seeing it, I HAVE to put it up here too.
This is the Hunter for Jimmy Choo rain boot. Black with croc print, (I'm pretty sure they have grey too). Its sooo adorable, and I would definitely wear these even if it was not raining! A winning boot.

Hunter for Jimmy Choo Boot, $425,


So, after actually getting serious about my blog...I discovered that tumblr is a bad place for fashion bloggers. It was just too hard to work. (In my opinion.)

So here it is! The new blog! Hope you all enjoy.
You can see all of my old posts here.